Heating a bathroom

bathroom heatingYou are looking for the best heating system for a bathroom, one that will provide a healthy climate for your bath? We got the perfect and cost-saving solution for your bathroom, for fast drying and mold prevention.

Healthy heating with marble radiators

Marble heaters warm like the sun, using infrared energy. The result are a dustfree breathing air and a comfortable indoor climate. The wall radiators save space and are very goodlooking decorative elements in your bathroom - timeless and stylishly.

Electric heating advantages

With electric infrared heaters you save from the installation on. The system is simple and save, so there isn't any risk of fire, leakage or cancerous mold growth. Its completely free of wear and maintenance - and will last a lifetime, increasing your property value.

No towel rails needed - no cold feet

Infrared heaters provide warm objects and surfaces. Your towels will be dry and warm, no matter where they are in the bath. Where conventional oil or gas radiators produce hot air under the ceiling and keep the floor cold, marble heaters will ensure that your feet are always warm.

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