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Is marble heating a reliable heating system?

Yes. Marble heating is a full-grown heating system, stable, safe, energy efficient, reliable and designed for continuous operation.

Isn't it too expensive to heat with electric power?

Heating with gas or oil is by far more expensive than using electric power with the proper heating system.

Marble heaters have no line losses, no storage losses, no ventilation losses and an even heat distribution; using gas/oil/underfloor heating most of the hot air will be unused right under the ceiling while your feet are cold.

The energy efficiency of marble heaters is very very high, because it is using infrared waves. The efficiency is more than 65% higher as nightstorage heating, and about 50% higher than quartz heating, ceramic heaters, fan radiators, oil filled heaters, heating lamps, glass heaters or electric metal radiators. 

How do marble heaters work?

The marble heater consists of a heating array that heats the marble panel and a backplate which acts as reflector, to ensure that 100% of the heat are pushed into the marble.

The crstalline molecular structure of the marble stone turn the electric heat into invisible infrared waves. Furthermore the marble heating panel breakes the waves and sends them into all directions of the room, that is to be heated.

The result is an even heat distribution, so the heat is smoothly spread over the whole room, not only concentrated onto a single area. 

Will children get injured when touching the surface?

No. First of all: every radiator becomes hot, no matter what heating system you use. The stone surface of our heaters has a very slow heat conduction when touched. Our experience shows, that toddlers touching the 90°C hot surface are able to draw away their hands, before they got burned. The risk on injure on a metal surface of 70°C is higher. You can compare it with touching stone or wood elements in a sauna: you don't get hurt that fast, even if the object is more than 90°C hot.

Unlike standard convection heaters (oil or gas central heating) you can hang your heater higher on the wall, so the toddler don't reach it.

Do I need special plugs of tariffs?

No. Any standard socket will do.

In order to save electricity costs, we advise you to choose a power supplier with low tariffs. You don't need Economy 7 or any kind of night storage tariff. It will be cheaper to heat with standard tariff.

You are heating primary in the daytime, when you need the heat.

How do I control the heaters? Can I set my favorite temperature?

Yes, you can set your desired temperature. The heaters can be controlled by any electric or electromechanic room thermostat (they can't get overheated so they have no build-in thermostat).

Depending on the thermostat you can program the times and temperatures you want: You want your bedroom colder in the night, the bathroom cosy in the morning and the living room ready warm for you when you come home.

How much are your heaters?

The price of the heaters depends on color and power rating.

Please visit our online heating store.

Compared with any other heating system the installation costs will be little to none.

We also grant discounts on bulk orders and you will experience lower shipping costs when you order more units at the same time.

What is the advantage of marble heaters over storage heaters?

Economic: The running costs are lower. Not just a bit, but up to 65%, even if you won't use any Economy 7 or other night storage tariff.

Comfort: Economy 7 (or other night storage tariffs) do start at 11pm or even at 1am, ending at 7am. That way your house ins't warmed in the evening hours - and by 1-2pm the storage heaters are not warm enaugh to heat your rooms. On the opposite marble heaters warm constantly when you need the heat.

Health: Night storage heaters bear a great health risk, the worst solution for allergies, athma, rheumatics and children. Marble heaters, warming like the sun with infrared waves, are demonstrably more healthy, as they warm the body is conditioned on its very own. On top of that marble heaters do block mold growth and that reduces the cancer risk.

How robust are marble heaters?

First of all the polished surface is scratchproof.

Marble heaters come with a strong backplate. Unless you drop a heater during transport or bang it hard with a tool the marble wont break.

The heater will bear common stresses, like tapping it by accident with a tablet of teacups or like drawing a chair against it.

Which colors are availible?

We got 9 different kinds of marble availible, which come in different colors.

You find the heaters of all power rating in all 9 colors in online heating store.

Why havn't I heard of you before?

Marble heaters are quite popular in Germany. Everyone wants energy efficient products and many people are aware and concerned of health risk like dust allergies or cancer, caused by mold.

Working as exclusive distributor for our German quality manufacturer it is our task to make the new way of heating known within the UK - and finally YOU found us.

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