DIY - its soooo easy

You want to install infrared electric heaters by yourself? That is an easy task for those who are familiar with applying a plug into a socket. Just follow the steps:

1. Calculation of your needs

We need to know for what purpose you need the heaters:

  • Construction year
  • Size of each single room
  • Height of each single room
  • Level of insulation
  • Numbers of exterior walls

To get to know what heaters you need, please use our online heating calculator.

2. Place your order

All those parameters given we can clearly say what heating elements you need. Then just place your order and we deliver the radiators directly to your property. We will send if to you as soon as your payment has arrived.

To place your order, please use our online radiator store.

3. Remove old heaters

Get rid of the heater that is to replaced.

4. Install the new energy-saving radiator

  • Drill two screws as shown in the installation manual
  • put the heater into the fitting
  • Connect the heater with the power source
  • Hang the thermostat on the opposite wall
  • program the thermostate as you like

5. Enjoy!

Congratulation, you're done. And remember - our heaters are tearless and free of maintenance!

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