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clinic heating

Effective heating for a Clinic

Small municipal clinic, focused on radiology.

Initial situation

High gas central heating costs, boilers running with decreasing efficiency. The only possible way to save heating costs would be a complete insulation, not economic and would cause a complete knockout of the clinic for more than a month.


Completely free of dust and dirt, removal of the old radiators, refurbishment of the regarding places if necessary. The installation of the new heaters to a weekend and a couple of days until all room thermostats were programmed correctly.

Investment: £41 000 (heaters) plus £2 500 (revomal and installation). In total £43 500.


44% of energy costs for heating (£12 000) plus £3 000 for maintenance and repairs. In total £15 000.

Full rate of return (ROR / ROI) in 3 years.

Annual carbon emission reduction: 68 tons

Additional beneftits

We do not need the old and maintenance-hungriy heating installation any more. After a couple of months the maintenance company asked if we had a new service company as we havn't called them for a long time. 

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