possible example

dentist heating

Effective heating for a Dentist

Elderly dental practice in a small town.

Initial situation

High energy bills for night storage heaters, old terrace house from 1920 without modern insulation. In the winter heated with additional oil radiators.


Performed in one day. Our local electrican disconnected the night storage heaters and removed them. The most time took the cleaning behind the old bulky radiators. The new heaters are very slim and made some extra space in the narrow rooms. The expensive room thermostates, installed two years ago, working great with the new heaters.

Investment: £5 370 (heaters) plus £380 (revomal of the night storage heaters and installation of the new radiators). In total £5 750.


63% of energy costs for heating (£1 020).

Full rate of return (ROR / ROI) in 5.7 years.

Annual carbon emission reduction: 4.370 kg

Additional beneftits

From noon it was quite cold with the old storage heaters and in wintertime we tripped up the power cables of the oil radiators. That is past now.

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