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hospital heating

Effective heating for a Hospital

Medium sized county hospital.

Initial situation

Increasing oil prices lead to higher heating costs each year for the oil fired heating system. Changing the energy tariff for the whole institution we got aware of electric heaters as possible and low-cost alternative.


After an initial test phase in just a few rooms the whole exchange took only 2 weeks for the replacement of the radiators. The revomal of unused pipes and boilers was scheduled to a later date, when renovation work should be done anyways. The replacemant was done by our usual electrical contractor, who soon applied as distributor of marble heaters.

Investment: £194 000 (heaters) plus £8 000 (installation). In total £202 000.


53% of energy costs for heating £32 500 plus £4 500 for annual maintenance and oil shipping. In total £37 000.

Full rate of return (ROR / ROI) in 5.5 years.

Annual carbon emission reduction: 390 tons

Additional beneftits

Patients feel better, exspacialle those with lung illnesses. The feedback from the nurses in the back office is positive as well, as they have no longer cold feet.

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