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sanatorium heating

Effective heating for a Sanatorium

Sanatorium for mental health patients.

Initial situation

Heating got more and more expensive, each year. Switching to a new efficient heating system was not easy to perfrom, as the oil heating system performed allright and their was internal resistance against an investment of this scale.


After carefull testing in a couple of rooms for nearly 8 weeks we got fine results, not only in saving but in the quality of climate as well. Some patients stay indoor all their time and we experienced even better converse between them.

Due to internal finance politics the switch was done department by department and took several months at all. The contruction works took just 2 days per department and caused much less dirt than we expected.

Investment: £97 000 (heaters) plus £8 000 (revomal of the old heating system and installation of the new radiators). In total £105 000.


38% of energy costs for heating (£14 400) plus £500 (annual maintenance). In total £14 900.

Full rate of return (ROR / ROI): 7 years.

Annual carbon emission reduction: 119 t

Additional beneftits

Some of our stationary patients had dry skin and mucosae. Stuffy air in the heating months was allways contradictous to our work.

The switch to the new infrared heaters forced us to rethink our own financial politics. Hopefully adaptions of new technologies will be easier for us in the future.

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