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surgery heating

Effective heating for a Surgery

Paediatrician surgery in a big city.

Initial situation

Old building fabric with night storage heaters from the seventies. Modernized in 1998 with new asbestos-free night storage radiators. As energy costs rised and rised, we tried with new control units. Even the latest room thermostats made no real savings, so marble heaters looked as a good alternative.


Tried one room first as pilot project, fittet with a power mesurement device. After a clear review we decided to replace all night storage heaters with infrared heaters.

Investment: £8 700 (heaters) plus £650 (revomal of the night storage heaters and installation of the new radiators). In total £9 350.


61% of energy costs for heating (£1 950).

Full rate of return (ROR / ROI) in 4.8 years.

Annual carbon emission reduction: 7.250 kg

Additional beneftits

With the night storage heaters the hot air gathered under the high ceiling (4.20m due to ancient construction). Now even the floor has a moderate temperature.

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