Wireless remote controls for electric stone heaters

electric stone heating remote control

Advantages of programmable electronic radio controls

  • Minimal wiring
  • Easy programming
  • Reduced temperature for various periods of time programmable
  • Individual time programming of the comfort temperature.
  • Saving you lots of heating energy costs

Fully programmable room climate computer

Take total control: The room climate computer enables you to set customized temperatures for your personal heating times. The unit can control all heaters in one room.

wireless heater control unit room climate computer

Wireless electromechanic room thermostat

Simple and effective: With the electromechanic room control unit for a very reasonable price you can control multiple heaters in a room at once.

wireless heater control unit electromechanic thermostat

One radio receiver for each heater

Connect the receiver with your heater and a standard power source like a socket. The receiver get the temperature setting from the control unit and will turn your electric heater on and off when it is needed. This will save you a decent amout of heating costs.

wireless heating control unit receiver

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