Night storage heating or marble - a comparison

Many consumers do not know that an electric infrared heating (eg. the energy-saving marble radiators) has the lowest heating costs and investment costs in new construction and in renovation of heating systems in relation to any other heating system: It is proven that you save up to 50% energy costs over night storage.

The claim that electricity would be too expensive to heat, is no longer true today. Conventional night storage heaters on the oppisite are consumers of electricity and climate killer.

As the stone heating warms walls, furniture solid media, the air is warmth indirectly. So the entire space works as heat storage. That way even with a room temperature of 18 ° you archive the cozy warmth of the sun. The resulting optimal humidity and maximum freedom from dust are also permanently healthier for humans - for you.

A needs-based temperature control thermostats allow independent heating time, so the radiators only consume power when heat is actually needed. The conversion from night storage heating on a marble can be performed easily easy. All connections and arrangements can be maintained.

Other advantages of the marble heating

no nightstorage heating

  • no heat loss by ventilation
  • dry walls by uniform heat distribution of the infrared radiation
  • No mold growth
  • lowest possible maintenance
  • Lighter design - you will save a lot of visible space

The marble heating is suitable for new construction or renovations as well as for individual rooms. You take advantage from the great design as well: infrared heaters simply look nicer!

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