Radiant heating vs. Convection

Marble heating: warming like the sun

The marble heater warms directly walls, ceiling, floor and you. The marble structure produces an evenly distributed heat.


  • Pleasant, healthy and comfortable indoor climate, free of air turbulances
  • Constant, optimum humidity
  • No moisture condensation, as the wall temperature is higher than the air temperature (mould prevention)
  • Especially with allergies, asthma and rheumatism sufferers know the properties of the radiation heating (infrared), respectively.
  • The heat is stored in the room (walls, ceiling, furnitures) and can't get lost.

Oil / gas heating and floor heating

Classical convection heating (oil, gas, heating, night storage equipment, floor heating) heat air. Hot air rises, cool air falls down.


  • It caused differences in temperature between floor and ceiling of up to 10 °C. Cold feet and damp walls are the result.
  • The air turbulence provides draft, whirling up dust and bacteria (in particular floor heating)
  • Respiratory diseases and allergies (eg dust allergy) may be caused.
  • Heat stored in the air. If the air gets out, the heat is gone.

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