Infrared radiant heat

Marble radiators heat by infrared radiation: the principle of the sun


Uniformly healthy heat distribution: the infrared radiation is delivered directly to people, objects and surfaces. Every warm body or object emmits infrared radiation again. The gentle infrared heat results in a wonderfully comfortable room climate. The room will store that heat, so it can not get lost.
Since the air is not heated up directly, the air temperature is cooler than the temperature sensation. Thus, rooms with infrared radiant heating can be heated by 3 degrees lower than rooms heated by convection (like floor heating, oil or gas central). The warmth is more comforting and physiological proper than with air heating. There is always an optimal humidity: On the walls warmed by the infrared radiation can be no mold.

Convection heat

Gas heating, oil salvation heating, heat pump, underfloor heating, night storage


Most conventional heating systems heat with expensive heated air, which accumulates with no benefit under the ceiling. These incriminating hot air flow and air movement are swirling dust, bacteria and mites. Warm humidity and dusty air are major health risks. Only the air is heated and the room surfaces are cooler, so a moisture condensation occurs on the walls, which often leads to mould growth.


Health is the highest good

Don't compromise compromise with heating

Publications from around the world confirm the positive health effects of infrared radiation, even as a therapeutic methode. Muscle tension, skin diseases and rheumatism can be alleviated. For years, it is medically proven that high flow rates ("draft") in space also affect the blood pressure and general condition. The health hazards of dust is now well known, and this is the first inhaled through the swirling. The air circulation in the infrared radiation heating is minimal and therefore is a very relieving indoor environment for children, allergy and asthma sufferers.

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