Replace your night storage heaters. Today.

Night storage heaters are a very costly option in heating. They don't even warm you when you need them, as:

  • Economy 7 and other night storage tariffs starts late in the evening
  • Heaters are cold when you come home and in the complete evening you are awake
  • Night storage heaters are not warm enaugh by 1-2pm to heat your home properly
  • You have to wait hours until to the cold rooms reheat over the night

The climate killers produce a literally harmful climate in your house, and they produce a lot of CO2 and greenhouse gases. The results are often discomfort and dry skin, as well as allergies, asthma, lung diseases. The uneven heat distribution can also foster mold growth, which is leading to cancer over the years.

Please note, that fan and oil radiators are no alternative, due to their worse efficiency!

Save up to 65% heating costs with marble heaters

Marble heaters are to most energy efficient heating system on the market. Warming like the sun they warm your home when you need it, not while you're asleep. The healthy warm climate is dustfree, moldblocking and comfortable. Using just the normal energy tariff they cut down your heating costs by half:

  • Up to 65% lower energy costs
  • Heat when you need
  • Space saving, just 2cm thin
  • Healty climate
  • Temperature control adjustable, so energy is consumed only when heat is needed
  • Full return of invest in about 5 years

Social housing

For social housing we offer heating solutions at a social housing discount. Most landlords see clearly the advantages in property value increase and preservation.

Please send us an email when you want to change night storage heaters in social housing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How do I exchange night storage heaters?

Exchanging night storage heaters is an easy task of nearly half an hour. You don't even need a craftsman for this, as many home owner perform the exchange by themselves.

  1. Please use our online calculator to measure your heat need. As us for a quote in the last calculation step.
  2. We deliver the heaters directly to your house.
  3. Get rid of the old storage heater.
  4. You can keep all thermostats and connections if you want.
  5. Install the new infrared marble heater on the wall. You just need to drill 2 holes.
  6. Enjoy. Remember that the new heating system is amortised within the first 5 years

Any further questions?

Please contact us here or send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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