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GP heating for general practitioner

Effective heating for a GP

General practitioner (GP) in a big village.

Initial situation

During energy savings on the lightning our electrician told us about electric marble heaters. We first tought electric heating is far more expensive, but in the end the numbers convinced us of the new promising heating solution.


We installed the heaters in 2 rooms first, without removing the old radiators. When we decided to replace all heaters the exchange took 2 days and we not even had to close the surgery for that time. As the new heaters look great, we removed some of the old decoration elements as well.

Investment: £12 200 (heaters) plus £1 350 (most for the revomal of the old boiler and heaters and installation of the new radiators). In total £13 550.


49% of energy costs for heating (£3 400). More would be possible but we decided to go for a green power tariff.

On average £600 each year for refurbisment (see below).

Full rate of return (ROR / ROI) in 6.9 years. Considering the reduced need for refurbishment (see below) this figure drops to 3.4 years.

Annual carbon emission reduction: 27 400 kg

Additional beneftits

With the old heaters we got a lot of mold on the walls near the floot, exspecially in late autumn and winter. That caused renovation work each spring. Since we went with the marble heaters we save additional £600 each year.

Getting in touch with the new technology we learned a lot about mold and its harmfulness. If we knew before, we had switch to marble radiators year ago.

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