The healthcare sector needs efficiency prodcuts

We think, saving with efficiency products is a much better approach than cutting front-line services or jobs. You experience high quality services, as we have the medical and technical background to advise you properly: in our core team we got an efficiency engineer as well as a naturopath.

Our share in saving £20 billions: Cut down heating costs by half

effective heating

Heating is a big cost factor, in most cases unnecessary high. This is the result of an obsolete and traditional heating technology (oil and gas central heating as well as night storage heaters) and apparently high investment costs. And, of course, the lack of alternatives till now.

Efficient infrared heating

Working with German efficiency technology, we are able to offer you a new heating system based on infrared waves, which is setting new standards to heating efficiency. Our concern is not only to turn energy into heat, but to deliver the heat exactly to where it is needed.

Imagine you can avoid hot air raising useless under the ceiling or exhaust fumes blowing unused through the chimney at 360°C!

Infrared heater work at 100% efficiency

efficient infrared heatingOur heaters consist of a marble panel, heated by an electric heating array. The back cover acts as reflector, pusing all the heat into the marble. The molecular structure of the marble transforms the electric heat into invisible infrared waves and ensures a very smooth heat distribution.

Warming like the sun the infrared waves heat all objects and surfaces in the room. The air is heated indirect by the warm objects. Heating that way you minimize losses and get the heat where you need it.

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