Healthy heating for the NHS...

... to enable you to set a good example

Heating is not only about warmth, its about indoor climate. An indoor microclimate where people spend a big part of their lifetime in. Using German pioneer technology, proven in areospace and naval applications, our heaters make the worlds most healthy heating heating system: Infrared heating.

Infrared heaters warm like the sun: They warm the human body in the way it is used over million years of evolution with direct infrared waves. Company Director Nicole Homburg (Naturopath) ensures all health aspects:

Mold block

Marble heaters do block mold. That is expecial important within the UK, due to high humidity can cause mold very fast. Mold can lead to cancer, lung diseases and allergy, things you and we want to prevent.


Infrared heaters distribute their heat very smoothly. Unlike standard convection radiators (underfloor or oil / gas heating) the air is not heated directly and this prevents air turbulences. The result: A dustfree indoor climate, as no dust is swirled up by rising hot air.

Asthma and lung diseases

Breathing dust day by day can lead to asthma. If the lungs are not at best health its even worse for the sufferers, as they need even more oxygen than healthy lungs. Heating with infrared radiators the air can be approximately 3°C cooler at the same level of heating. Cooler air can carry more oxygen. This is a result of the infrared heating: Air is heated indirectly. Its the same effect than feeling warm on a bright winter day at freezing temperatures.

Rheumatism, arthritis, gout, ...

These people suffer from pain, relievable in warm sunlight or with heating lamps. As our heaters produce axectly this kind of infrared heat, the pain is eased. The long-term effect for those people is even better, as their suffering regresses over time.

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