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doctors office heating

Effective heating for a Doctor's office

Very small doctor's office in a rural area, many domiciliary visits.

Initial situation

The boiler of the unreliable central heating had to be exchanged. On a visit of a rheumatic patient I was introduced in the pain easing marble heating, which also decreased the heating bill of the patient.


Where the old boiler and radiators where removed by a local plumber the doctor was able to install the new heaters by himself. The installation of all 4 heaters took an afertnoon for him.

Investment: £2 650 (heaters), no installation costs as the doctor did it by himself.


73% of energy costs for heating (£340) plus £70 for annual maintenance. In total £410.

Full rate of return (ROR / ROI) in 6.5 years.

Annual carbon emission reduction: 3.150 kg

Additional beneftits

No further need of pre-ordering gas bottels and change them as they go empty. The switch of the power tariff reduced the whole electricity bill (ie. for lightning and computers) as well.

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