Pure energy efficiency: Green ecological heating

Effective ecological green heating

Good for our planet

  • topmost energy efficiency
  • less CO2 and other greenhouse gases
  • natural product
  • no conduction losses
  • 100% wearless - get once in a lifetime
  • feedable with regenerative energy

Energy efficient heating

Marble heaters can cut your heating costs by half due to their topmost heating efficience. This issue is even more important, as our oil and gas prices go skyrocketing. Our heaters turn every single Watt into pure infrared heat, dalivered without any losses to where you need it.

In addition, less energy is consumed and you reduce CO2, greenhouse gases and environmental pollution.

The future-proof heating system of today and tomorrow

Right from the start: marble heaters are natural products. This saves tons of water and large amount of energy in production at zero waste production rate. The radiators are completely wearless - so they don't have to be disposed.

Convection heating systems like gas or oil builders, feeding wall or floor heating, need fossile fuel. This fuels produces tons of greenhouse gas in production and transportation to you home. Gas has to be cooled, pipelines need a lot of energy to maintain - and transporting liquid gas or oil on the street increases greenhouse effect as well. Finally having burned the fossile fuel at the efficiency of the boiler, which is allways a source of heating loss, the hot water is distributed to the heaters in different rooms, providing another ~35% of energy loss.

Electric heating suffers only from minimal electric line losses. You're open to the possibility of using regenerative energies like solar power, wind energy or hydroelectricity. Combined with solar panels there are living concepts of heating at zero cash rate. 

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