Happy healthy heating!

healthy radiators and heating system

Health improvement with sustained success!

Infrared marble heating will:

  • releave allergy
  • create good air for your children
  • abate lung illnesses
  • block mould growth
  • decrease liability to (winter) depressions
  • ease backaches and soothing pains
  • ease rheumatism
  • lenghten your lifetime

Why is healthy heating so important?

You and your children spend approximate 12-15 hours a day at home. Thats almost two thirds of your lifetime. You breathe the climate and the air of your home and most times of the year this air is heated.

The large scale effect of this great amount of time makes a healthy home environment so crucial. Making you less voulnerable to lung illnesses and reducing the risc of cancer by blocking mould the infrared heating system will make you life not only longer, but even improves your quality of life.

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