Reduce CO2 with effective heating

reduce carbon footprint

In times of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and global warming we all have to act. Now.

Marble heaters reduce carbon footprint

Infrared electric heaters, fed with a standard power mix reduce carbon emission by about 25%.

Burning fossile fuel like gas or oil in a heating boiler you can't reduce carbon emission any further. On the opposite you can feed marble heaters with green power like solar energy, wind and water power. This will reduce your carbon emission by about 98% to 100%.

High score at the Carbon reduction commitment + 50% heating cost reduction

Yes, you are able to heat at almost zero carbon emission by using marble heaters, combined with the right green energy tariff. Even with a standard power tariff you save a quarter of you CO2 caused by heating. And remember, this goes side by side with a reduction of your heating costs by about 50%. 


The NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) will thank you.

And so will our planet.

And your budget.

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